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Nationals Gardening week is held between the 30th April to the 6th May and was launched seven years ago by the RHS and aims to encourage more people to take part in the healthy and productive outdoor activity of gardening.

We will be sharing lots of information on how you can build your own bugs hotel, what to feed our birds and insects, how we can save our butterflies, how you can get the whole family involved and where you can learn more about what we do here at the Mill!

Field Vole

We are very lucky at Jordan’s Mill to have a large variety of wildlife. And you may well see the ducks and swans on the river from time to time, but there are lots more animals which are harder to see.

Gardener’s corner with Jenny and Debbie

Although April has arrived you could be forgiven for thinking you were still back at the beginning of the year, with cold spells and endless days of rain. Frustrating for gardeners who just want to ‘get going’! We share your frustrations as we are a few weeks behind where we would like to be at the Mill. It’s not just muddy paths that are the problem, on light sandy soil such as ours, if you walk on the beds when they are soggy you can compact it and reduce aeration. This prevents future water and nutrient retention which is paramount for healthy soil.

Mortiers tea

Rochelle supplies the famous Mortier’s tea to our Mill shop at Jordans Mill. We love learning more about our suppliers so here’s abit more about how it all began.


Mum's off Duty

Here’s a lovely write up from Natalie at Mum’s Off Duty during her visit.


For our lunch date this week, my Mum and I ventured a little further to Jordans Mill in Broom, Bedfordshire – very different from our last lunch at Kazoku in Hitchin!


It took about 20 minutes from Letchworth and is an easy drive (well, it is when you’re following your Satnav which is a must for me!).