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Based in Dunton, Bedfordshire, Maynard’s have been producing ice cream for over 25 years.

At the forefront of the business is Carole Maynard. Each product has to pass her taste test to ensure that only the finest ingredients are used and to make sure that there is a lovely creamy flavour in every ice cream.

Maynard’s don’t just produce luxury ice cream; they also make frozen yoghurts and sorbets- which we stock in our Mill Shop and also use for some dessert dishes at the Riverside Café.

Note for Visitors

Dear visitors,

As we move towards the School Holidays and the busiest time of our year, we will be making some changes to help improve our service:

  • A new concise breakfast and lunch menu to reflect the summer season which will be homemade, locally sourced and using seasonal produce
  • Following lots of feedback the decision has been made to improve the signage to aid in visitor orientation as you enter the main building. We will also be removing all of the dividers on the decking and between the Riverside Café and Coffee Shop. This will allow visitors to sit anywhere and either purchase food and drink from the coffee shop or find a table, make a note of your table number and order at the two till points at the bar – Table service will cease over the summer season.
  • Over the next couple of weeks we will be training new and existing members of the team and trailing new dishes. Please bear with us whilst we make our preparations for the start of the busy season.


We have listened to your feedback and make these changes to further enhance your experience at the Mill. As ever we are always striving to provide excellent customer service, so if you do have any constructive feedback, please do talk to a member of our team or fill out a comments slip which can be found in the box in the foyer.

Why not try a Self-Guided tour of our Mill Museum!

Buy an adult’s Self-guided tour ticket and receive a voucher for £1 off a hot drink within our café!

Costing just £2.50 per ticket, the Self-guided tour is a great way to browse the Mill at your own pace. With our self-guided leaflet as your guide, you’ll find out more about the process of milling flour and the history of the Jordans family.

All of our Mill machinery will be in operation during your visit and there’s also a ten-minute video on the top floor which outlines the vital role that each machine plays within this system.

Unsure if “Salix Caprea” is a scientific plant name or a Harry Potter spell?

Don’t worry, grab one of our free Mill Garden plant lists to find out more!

Our new leaflets provide information on the permanent plantings within our Garden and outlines both the common and Latin names of each plant.
It also describes the reason why they have been planted in different areas, making it a handy guide when strolling through our Garden.

Collect your plant list from the entrance of the Café or at the Garden Hub, located within the Meadow.

We sat down with our Retail Assistant, Mick Fediw. Over a good old-fashioned cup of tea we found out more about his life.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your interests?
I quite like gardening and I have my own allotment that I look after. I also like to drink Real Ales.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?
I’d like to fly like Superman.