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William Jordan 6th (Bill)

The most recent business at Holme Mills was run by William Jordan 6th (Bill) and his brother David. Bill served his milling apprenticeship at Henry Simon Ltd and also spent time travelling. He played drums for a French rock band and then travelled to America where he discovered the phenomenon of granola. He brought this knowledge back to the UK and joined forces with his brother, creating the famous cereal brand, Jordans.

Bill has always loved cycling, running and swimming and continues to find time to keep active. He is married to Deb and the pair have two children together, Jed William (7th) and Inca.  As well as Jordans Mill, the pair now also own and run Pensthorpe Natural Park in Norfolk. Bill splits his time between the two sites and is still actively involved in their day-to-day running. If you’re lucky, you may see him wandering around our Jordans Mill site!



David Jordan


David Jordan

Like Bill, David also went travelling before settling into the family business. David went on ‘mechanical adventures’ and drove diggers in Alaska and Canada. One time in Alaska, he had to hide under a digger to escape from a bear! After his exciting escapades, David returned home and joined forces with Bill to produce the famous Jordans cereal brand.

 David is married to Annie and he has 3 children, Dan, Tessa and Sam. He is still involved in the running of the Jordans Mill site with his brother and you may be fortunate enough to spot him having lunch on our veranda one afternoon.


Lindsey Jordan


Lindsay Jordan

Bill and David’s sister, Lindsay was instrumental in testing and selling the Jordans products at county shows. She has three children, Lex, Toby and Oscar. Toby is also our Hospitality Manager  so if you visit our Riverside Café, you’re likely to see him!

Lindsay still works hard for the family business. She is heavily involved in our archival work and is currently putting together an exhibition on her father, John Jordan. She’s also very artistic and uses her creativity to decorate our site seasonally and to create interesting children’s trails. Her beautiful handwriting can also be seen on various displays throughout the site. You can see her latest masterpiece in the foyer, she has created a beautiful Real Bread Week display with recipes for you to try out at home!



Pamela Jordan


Pamela Jordan (Wizzer)

Pamela is mum to Bill, David and Lindsay. During the Second World War, she was a Dispatch Rider for the ATA. She married William Jordan 5th (John) in 1946. They raised the kids in the Holme Mills Cottage and Pamela still lives there today. When the Mill was still operating, John would bring flour to the Cottage so that Pamela could test for gluten by making Yorkshire puddings! Whilst the cereal company developed, Pamela was always on hand to help support her sons. From the late 1970’s, Pamela ran the Mill Shop, selling Jordans products and various gifts. She still likes to pop into our Mill Shop every now and then, so some of our customers may be lucky enough to see her!


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