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October has seen most of the Summer migrant birds make their departure; but just as they leave, our winter birds make their appearance. Small flocks of Redwings, Siskins and Redpolls have been seen in the last few weeks.


Butterflies are still aplenty; Comma, Red Admiral and Peacock species are often seen flying around the Gardens on warm days.


The feeders are attracting a lot of different birds including; Tits, Goldfinch, House Sparrows, not forgetting our daily visitors the Great Spotted Woodpeckers! 


Since installing our Night Vision Camera in the Woodland; we've picked up footage of; Foxes, Badgers and Muntjac as they feed during the night.


Kingfishers are very active on the river often seen flying past the terrace. Have you been fortunate enough to spot one during your visit to the Mill?

It is thought that Spring is the busiest time of year to be spent in the Garden, however there are lots of jobs to be cracking on with in the Autumn/Winter too!


This month we have spent time


  • Clearing vegetable beds ready for digging and planting our Autumn crops.


  • Cutting back, splitting & replanting perennials and replacing grasses.


  • Potting herbaceous plants, Strawberry runners and herbs.


  • Harvesting carrots, celeriac and summer cabbage.


  • Planting Chicory, Ornamental cabbage, winter Onions and Shallots.


  • Sowing autumn Broad Beans, Cereals, Green manures.


  • Sowing wildflower plugs for planting next spring.


If you are interested in finding out more, why not come along to our next ''Ask our Head Gardener Pop in Session'' event on 5th November!  

If you visit us this week, you may notice some new additions to our Gardens which our Head Gardener has installed. Several Hedgehog Houses have been placed in quiet areas to provide a safe location for Hedgehogs to hibernate in this winter. 


In the last 30 years Hedgehog numbers have fallen by as much as 50%, leaving piles of twigs, branches and garden rubbish in the winter can really help. Our Hedgehog Houses are wooden boxes; filled with straw and are covered in polythene & soil to protect them, as well as leaves and branches piled on top.


Why not build your own Hedgehog House this winter and encourage these prickly yet adorable creatures to rest, hibernate and raise their hoglets in your garden > 



September Wildlife Update


We're lucky to have been blessed with a warm September (up until now)! The recent warm weather has kept our Gardens and Meadow full of life, lots of insects have been spotted including Dragonflies, Butterflies and more.


Many different dragonflies are still active; Brown & Migrant Hawkers, small Common Darters, and Emerald Damselflies. It may be surprising to hear that in Great Britain and Ireland there are about 30 species that may be encountered. 


Butterflies including Peacock, Brimstone, Speckled Wood, Large White and Cabbage White have all been spotted in and around our Gardens & Meadow. If you'd like to identify types of Butterfly you spot, head over to the Butterfly Conservation website and download their fantastic iRecord App > 


Our resident Kingfishers & Little Egrets are seen on the river most days. Have you been fortunate enough to spot them during your visit to us?


Last but not least, a Stoat has been seen in the last few months, swimming in the river and climbing through a yew hedge. Stoats may look innocent; but did you know that they can easily kill an adult rabbit, which is much larger than itself, with a bite to the base of the skull! 


Don't forget to share your Wildlife photos with us, we'd love to see them! 

Change in this weeks Opening Hours


Please note our Riverside Cafe will be open from 12 noon on Wednesday of this week (tomorrow), as we take the time to make some adjustments to comply with the latest Government Hospitality Coronavirus Laws.


Our Opening Hours for the rest of the week remain unchanged; Thursday - Sunday from 9am to 4:30pm (Riverside Cafe closes at 4pm).



Thank you for your patience while we make these changes, which include;


- We will be offering 'Table Service' only for this week. You don't need to book a table; however if you wish to, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your requested date and time


- We will not be offering a 'Takeaway' service this week, however we will be able to reinstate Takeaway from next week


- We are legally required to take customers' contact details for tracing purposes in the event of an outbreak


- Customers must wear a mask when queuing (unless exempt)


Thank you for your co-operation.


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