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Its Insect Week and the Meadow at Jordans Mill is looking great, it has an abundance of wildflowers and grasses growing which are attracting all sorts of insects. If you stand still and watch one area, you will see all the different plants like corn cackle, columbine, teasels, oxy-daisies and various types of thistle; it’s the perfect habitat for our diverse eco-system. 


The teasel’s have attracted loads of banded demoiselles, a beautiful blue damsel fly with a large black band in the middle of its wings, but also the common blue damsel fly which is an electric blue colour. When the teasels flower, watch out for the beautiful Goldfinches who will be flying in to eat them.


We have grown this beautiful hardy annual for the past couple of years as it has received such positive comments from our visitors. At its peak it is covered with stunning crimson flowers which flower for three to four months if deadheaded regularly.

As it reaches around 90cm high it often requires support in the form of staking. Despite its delicate nature as a cut flower it will last around 10 days in a vase.

Its other super quality is that it can be eaten and will look super on a salad! Plant in full sun and water well - pick up your plant today from the Mill shop at £4.00 each.

Dog areas at Jordans Mill

Following feedback, we are trialling allowing dogs in two designated areas on our site.

These areas are:

1) to the front of the building - benches and dog bowls provided.
2) secure fenced area to the rear of the meadow - benches and dog bowls provided.


It was a nice day, so I thought I would go along to my favourite lunchtime venue at Jordans Mill. It is just between Langford and Biggleswade, good parking and the staff are warm and friendly too.

Over the last fortnight a small family group of Canada Geese have made their home on the bank opposite the Cafe decking. There is the male, female and 6 small goslings, which were fluffy a fortnight ago, but they are growing fast and testing their wings out on a regular basis, although they have not completely formed yet.

The parents are protective because a Buzzard or Crow could easily pick a chick up and fly off with it given the opportunity.

Beautiful butterflies make a return

We are starting to see many of the late spring and early summer wild life appearing in the garden at Jordans Mill. The butterfly is one of the first joys of spring and varieties that are appearing in the garden now are wonderful.
We can encourage them into our gardens with a large variety of butterfly and bee friendly plants. They eat anything they can dissolved in water and love nectar from flowers, as well as tree sap, dung and rotten fruit; hopefully we do not have too much of the last two!

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