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Have you ever felt a little out of sorts and looked for a pick me up?  According to some scientists, the best thing to do is to sit beside a river or go for a walk on the beach as water seems to have the answer.

Having done a little research online about the effects and proximity of water on us, it seems that being near it can produce a sense of inner calm whilst having a positive effect on the brain,  improving your mood.

Why?  It seems that looking at water and listening to its sound places the brain into a relaxed mode and mild hypnotic-state, which in turn stimulates a different and calmer thought pattern which according to a Marine Biologist, Wallace J Nichols,  is referred to as “blue space”.

He states that  “when we’re near water, our brains switch off from busy work mode to relaxed mode. This naturally leads our brains to opening up because it’s not focused on the thoughts swirling around that can often lead to stress or anxiety. When your brain is in this relaxed state, it is open and more inspired to creative thoughts”.

So, if you’re having one of those days, why not come along to Jordans Mill, take a seat on the decking overlooking the River Ivel whilst relaxing with a cuppa, and watch the water and the wildlife drift slowly by.


Produced by Mark and edited by Tony. 

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