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September Wildlife Update


We're lucky to have been blessed with a warm September (up until now)! The recent warm weather has kept our Gardens and Meadow full of life, lots of insects have been spotted including Dragonflies, Butterflies and more.


Many different dragonflies are still active; Brown & Migrant Hawkers, small Common Darters, and Emerald Damselflies. It may be surprising to hear that in Great Britain and Ireland there are about 30 species that may be encountered. 


Butterflies including Peacock, Brimstone, Speckled Wood, Large White and Cabbage White have all been spotted in and around our Gardens & Meadow. If you'd like to identify types of Butterfly you spot, head over to the Butterfly Conservation website and download their fantastic iRecord App > 


Our resident Kingfishers & Little Egrets are seen on the river most days. Have you been fortunate enough to spot them during your visit to us?


Last but not least, a Stoat has been seen in the last few months, swimming in the river and climbing through a yew hedge. Stoats may look innocent; but did you know that they can easily kill an adult rabbit, which is much larger than itself, with a bite to the base of the skull! 


Don't forget to share your Wildlife photos with us, we'd love to see them! 

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