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Our impact on the environment and wildlife has never been more in the spotlight and the need to drastically change the pressures we are placing on the planet.

Having worked closely with farmers (for over three decades) endeavouring to increase the declining wildlife, Bill Jordan has been monumental in setting up conservation grade (now called Fair To Nature).

Fair To Nature protects wildlife because farmers dedicate 10% of their land to wildlife, demonstrating that wildlife and farming can work harmoniously together. This provides safe passage and habitats for small mammals and insects to do their work – safely.

Recent reports have outlined the decline in wildlife number since the 1970’s and highlighted the impacts of intensive food production, for the ever growing world population.


But what are Jordans Mill doing to help?

Visitors to the Mill gardens can observe how wildlife is encouraged in a farm setting and that by creating natural habitats, insects such as pollinators can thrive and benefit all of us.

Our new garden signage explains how sustainable farm management principles can be applied to help support insects, birds and mammals in the countryside.

We have also produced a hub which explains more about each of our garden areas and gives you lots of ideas to help encourage wildlife at home.

Our friends at the Wildlife Trust have produced three fact sheets to help you get started. Grab one from our Mill shop.  


  • How to make your own bird feeder
  • How to make a mini nature reserve
  • Grow your own mini garden meadow

Please note to cover printing costs we are asking for a donation of 5p for each copy – this all goes  back into the Jordan Trust charity.

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