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Rochelle supplies the famous Mortier’s tea to our Mill shop at Jordans Mill. We love learning more about our suppliers so here’s abit more about how it all began.


Our story


Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), produces some of the finest teas in the world. The best teas are grown high up in the hills, at cooler temperatures where the tea grows more slowly and produces more natural flavour.


Picked and packed to support the local economy


In 2010, I decided to bring a selection of these teas over so that the tea lovers could taste the freshness and quality of the 100% natural ingredients.

I was also driven by my desire to help Sri Lanka, the land of my birth, to recover from years of war and conflict, the Tsunami, recurrent flooding and landslides, all of which have threatened the local economy.

Mortier’s tea is picked and packed in Sri Lanka and imported directly from Sri Lankan plantations to us in our little corner of Herts/Beds, which ensures that the tea industry and its workers benefit directly and fairly from every tin sold.


A selection of cultivated teas


Mortier’s Green tea, Orange Pekoe and Ginger tea bags are from a plantation where tea is grown according to bio-dynamic principles, 4,200 feet above sea level. Bio-dynamic cultivation is a uniquely holistic approach to organic agriculture and gardening, food and health:


“Biodynamic farming is the oldest 'green' farming movement, and forerunner of organics. Biodynamics has metaphysical and spiritual roots that organics does not. Biodynamics thus embraces the mystery of all life processes, including the subtle and energetic realities that are not necessarily easy to measure or justify using current scientific methods.”


Supporting a sustainable way of life and fine tea


Each tin of Mortier’s teas directly supports a sustainable way of life in Sri Lanka and helps ensure the continued production of some of the finest teas in the world.

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