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Did you know, more than half of UK Adults say that being close to nature improved their mental health.


With this year's Mental Health Awareness Week being themed around Nature, we thought we would share some tips on how to utilise your Gardens to benefit your mental health. 


How can Nature benefit your mental health?


How to benefit your mental health by utilising your Garden space:


  • Feed the birds! This might sound simple, but by regularly leaving out some bird food will encourage feathered visitors to your Garden. They are fascinating to watch and calming to the ears.
  • Create mini bug hotels by stacking up piles of sticks and logs to attract other Wildlife types.
  • Dine al fresco! Take your time to enjoy your meal in the surroundings of your Garden.
  • Regular General Garden maintenance; pop out first thing in the morning before you've begun your busy day to de-weed, or top up the bird food! Taking those breaths of fresh air first thing can mentally prepare you for the day ahead. Immerse yourself in what is around you; sounds, sights and textures.
  • Exercise in your Garden; how about a short Yoga session or perhaps some simple stretches.
  • Lastly, if you don't have your own accessible Garden, why not visit a local free country park, woodland or public Garden!


Visit the Mental Health Foundation website for further tips on connecting with Nature > 


If you would like to speak to someone about your mental health, please don't hesitate to contact The Samaritans or your local GP. 

'Every day The Samaritans respond to around 10,000 calls for help. No judgement. No pressure. We're here for anyone who needs someone' > 


Photos by Richard Webb, photographed at Jordans Mill. 

Left to right: Orange Tip Butterfly, Ladybirds, Cowslips & Woodpecker. 


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