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The Riverside Café at Jordans Mill is moving over to table service


It is important for us to offer the best customer experience to each and every person who visits the site.

In a previous message we communicated our Christmas and New Year opening and closing times. We also mentioned that in the New Year (2019), the Riverside Café would be closed on set days to help bring in a new table service system and get our staff ready to help us deliver it.   

Why we are moving to table service:


Jordans Mill have decided to evolve the Heritage Centre restaurant to offer full table service.

The current part table-service/part self-service has worked well, but we want to offer a better experience with our new changes.

  • There will be more control over the tables in the café. You can book your table before coming in and hunting for a table. If we are fully booked we can let you know in advance with our new booking system which can be online, over the phone, or in person here in the café.
  • We will be able to give you a better service by waiting on your tables and not asking you to queue at the order points.
  • If you’re just ‘stopping by’, you will still be able to come in and use the Café and we will allocate you one of the free tables. You can always have a look around our gardens, meadow, shop or Mill if there is a small wait before you can be seated.
  • There will be areas of the decking still available to walk-in visitors.
  • Reducing plastic use – by serving tables we can reduce the use of sachets, and other single use items, helping us to look after the environment.
  • It will allow us to make more locally sourced, freshly made food for you to enjoy. 
  • The Coffee Bar will remain self-service for those who just want a light lunch or quick visit.

Soft opening days in the Riverside Café


During the introduction of table service, we will be testing all of our new systems by opening for two soft open days. You will be able to book a table online, try our new Winter menu and help give us an opportunity to try the new system out. As this is a new system we expect tables to be booked up pretty fast, so tables subject to availability


On the day you will be able to get 30% off your whole order! Please note the discount is only valid on the soft launch days.  


Opening times:


 Sunday 23rd Dec 9 - 4  Tuesday 1st Jan  Closed
 Monday 24th 9 - 4  Wednesday 2nd  Closed
 Tuesday 25th Closed Xmas Day  Thursday 3rd  Closed
 Wednesday 26th Closed  Friday 4th  Soft open 9-4
 Thursday 27th 9 – 4  Saturday 5th  Closed
 Friday 28th 9 – 4  Sunday 6th  Soft open 9-4
 Saturday 29th 9 – 4  Monday 7th  9 - 4
 Sunday 30th 9 – 4  Tuesday 8th  9 - 4
 Monday 31st Closed    




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