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We have recently upgraded the Mill’s power system. As some of you may know, Holme Mills has been powered by a Victorian water turbine since its waterwheel was destroyed in the fire of 1899. The turbine was state-of-the-art during this time and is representative of the technological advances of the Industrial Revolution.

However, during the Autumn and Winter months the turbine has struggled to power the Mill due to a build up of debris which has been clogging the turbine’s gates. We have recently installed an electric generator which has enabled the running of The Mill to be much more efficient and reliable. The machinery within Holme Mills can now run for longer periods, allowing visitors to view the Mill in its full working glory. We are also looking to develop this power system so that the Mill can produce its own electricity.

Why not take a tour? To book call 01767 603940.

Guided Tours: Run Tuesday-Sunday at 11:30am and 2:30pm, costing £5 per adult.

Self-guided Tours: Run Tuesday-Sunday outside of Guided Tour times, costing £2.50 per adult

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