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More migrant birds have been arriving this month. The first Swallows and Sand Martins have been flying over, Blackcaps and Willow Warblers are singing in and around the gardens and even a few bats have been seen flying at dusk.


Peacock, Orange Tip and Comma Butterflies plus a few Damselflies are now emerging in the warm weather. Unlike the much larger Dragonflies these are tiny Blue Tailed and Large Red Damselfly have been seen on the calm sunny days, slightly larger Banded Demoiselle are common all over the gardens and Meadow.


Some of the wildlife here is easy to overlook, the gardens are home to all sorts of animals, reptiles and insects, in the summer months a harmless Moth trap is placed in one of the meadows, the special light attracts all sorts of large Hawk Moths, plus some strange beetles and other bugs.


Grass Snakes are very elusive quickly moving into cover if disturbed, on warm summer days they can be found basking in a sunny spot, often on piles of rotting garden waste which they use to lay and incubate their eggs.


The Kingfishers are probably nesting now so have been seen less frequently, our regular Little Egret is being joined by two or three more. A Barn Owl has also been seen hunting along the roadside verges near the Mill, an Owl box has been put up in a secluded spot which will hopefully encourage them to nest in the next few years.

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