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As it was such a nice day I thought I would go and have Lunch at Jordans Mill, it is on the road between Langford and Biggleswade, it is clearly signposted and well worth a visit. It is different everytime I go, in the Summer it is beautiful, the gardens are superb.

This time of year it is very bare, not many leaves on the trees but there is plenty to see wildlife wise, they have good feeders up which seem to get all sorts of birds from Blue Tits, Great Tits to the occasional visit from a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

I usually sit at the far end of the decking looking up stream and there always seems to be something worth watching or taking a photograph of. I get a Cappucino coffee and sit and wait for the wildlife to come to me. Then I looked up into a tree to the right and spotted a Sparrowhawk sitting in the shade and watching me. I think it was more interested in the activity of the bird feeders as they do tend to dive down and kill an unsuspecting bird when they can,  I guess that is the circle of life.

I then Spotted the fork-tail of a Red Kite above the trees, it was being chased by a flock of crows, they do tend to eat the same sort of food, road kills. I was watching it for ages, it was floating on the thermals above me and I could see its markings quite clearly in the sunshine.

I then spotted a Greater Spotted Woodpecker on the Suet feeder, it was feeding a big block of suet and seemed to be really enjoying it. I watched the Sparrowhawk fly off and its long straight tail go off into the distance and then I watched 2 rather large Egrets fighting each other up river. Fortunately for me, one of them stayed and looked for its lunch along the riverside. They are very much like a Grey Heron in the way they fish but they have yellow feet, which stand out quite a lot.

After eating a hearty lunch of local Sausages and Mash Potatoes with a delicious gravy with loads of onions in it, which I highly recommend. You can't beat eating a meal in delightful surroundings.

I then went back out onto the decking and heard a sound I love, a Robin sitting on top of a tree in the sunshine, singing its song. Its brilliant red breast standing out among the branches and twigs.

No sign of the Kingfisher I usually see darting across the water this time but I think he will be back soon as they start breeding soon and I am sure he will have to come down and get some food for the young Kingfisher chicks. Watch this space and I will you updated on how they get on.

Keep your eyes open in the fields as there seems to be alot of Redwings and Fieldfares about I saw loads of them at Biggleswade Rugby ground and keep your eyes peeled for the forked tail of the Red Kite and watch it for a few minutes and marvel at it floating on the thermals.


Written by Mark Hogan

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