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The Jordan Trust will be displaying the story of the River Ivel in the Mill museum this summer.

Travel back in time and learn more about the local areas and the people who shaped where we are today.

Follow the Jordans history and experience milling and Mills on the River Ivel.

Our exhibition covers:


Millers since 1855 - It all began in 1855 when William 2nd bought the Eaton Ford Mill. Follow the timeline to Holme Mills and the evolution of the Jordans brand.

Mills on the River Ivel – We sail through the Mills on the River Ivel and tell you more about the lives of the well-known families who owned them.

The Ivel timeline – We start with an overview of the religious orders who controlled the Mills for around 400 years and then go through the dissolution, where the king gave the land and Mills to his supporters.

Finally, River, Road and Rail – look at how each transport method evolved and supported the Mills.

We look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition.

The Jordan Trust is a charity and relies on donations to help preserve the Mill museum - help support our cause and donate today.

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