Date: 5th June, 5th July, 7th August, 6th September
Time: 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Price: £12.50

Our beautiful gardens were designed to show how cereals, fruits and vegetables can be grown in an ornamental setting. Learn more as one of our head gardeners takes you on a guided garden walk and talk.

Come and stroll around the Mill gardens and woodlands as you learn firsthand how the gardens were designed. We will talk about all of the cereal crops that we grow on site and explain the importance of nature friendly planting and habitats.

Each tour will change throughout the year and showcase a variety of plants in their prime. Be inspired to grow your own, or simply enjoy the tranquil setting.

The cost of your tour includes a hot beverage, scone cream and jam.

Please note we will continue with these tours in all weathers so please bring suitable clothing and footwear. All tours will start outside the Mill shop by the green Allen engine. The tour cost goes 100% to the Jordans charity.