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Excitement is building in the town as the Jordan Family announces a fancy dress parade for the Easter animals on the Mill Meadow Estate. However, word has got out amongst a few rogue residents and they are trying to sneak their way into the festivities without an invitation!


Can you help find the imposters at ten animal residences around the Mill Meadow? Beware, these rogue imposter animals are heavily disguised.See if you can spot them as you make your way around the Easter Animal Parade. Pop your answer on your trail sheet along with the answer to two more questions. Take your completed activity sheet back to padade HQ (the Mill Shop) for your handsome reward!


No Booking Required. Pick up your trail sheet from the Mill Shop, £3.50 per child which includes a pencil and a prize!

31st March - 16th April

Wednesday to  Sunday, 9.30am - 4.30pm



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