It’s finally here and we love National Allotment Week. We are really proud of our market gardening heritage in Biggleswade and want to share our knowledge and facts so that we can encourage more people to eat healthier and grow more fruits and vegetables in their little spaces.

Where did it all start?

In 1929, the term allotment was used to describe a piece of land used for a specific purpose such as market gardening and was promoted during the war with the ‘Dig For Victory’ slogans. In the 60’s and 70’s demand for allotments declined but due to media interest and a boost towards healthy eating and food heritage, plots have once again become popular.

Get creative and grow your own!

If you are lucky enough to have a plot or want to create your own, it can sometimes be a bit daunting to get started.

With a bit of thought and advice from books and the internet you really can let your imagination run wild!

It’s a good idea to break down the plants you would like to grow into separate categories.

  • Fruits/vegetables/flowers or herbs

Then start to list what you would like to produce, remember to grow things you like!

Come and talk to us!

During the week we will have lots of facts in and around our allotments to help get you started – maybe a few jokes too! You will also have an opportunity to speak to our Head Gardeners and pick their brains!

We have a great selection of plants available for sale at the mill shop and lots of guide and support on our website

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