Jordans Mill’s charming location on the banks of the steady-flowing River Ivel was first mentioned as a milling site in the Domesday Book of 1086. Centuries later, in 1893, the Jordans purchased what was then called Holme Mills to produce flour. With over 400 flour mills, Bedfordshire was at the time a major centre of flour production.

Tragically, only a year later the entire building was gutted by fire. Nevertheless, the family saw this as an opportunity, carrying out a full rebuild and replacing the old millstones with a far more efficient metal roller system that kept more goodness in each grain. This turned Jordans Mill into one of the most advanced of its time and a leading flour producer across the region, an accolade that still stands today.

Over the 20th century Jordans Mill continued innovating, becoming part of the worldwide granola movement in the 19 70s and creating the famous Jordans Original Crunchy that fast became one of the nation’s favourite breakfast cereals.

Mill Timeline

1086: The milling site is mentioned for the first time, valued along with its sister mill at 47 shillings in the Domesday Book.

1557: Henry VIII leases the mill to Henry Lawson of Bykelleswade.

1682: The mill is mentioned in the will of Thomas Thurgood of Southill.

1741: John Cooper leaves the Mill to his wife Susanna.

1784: William Jordan (I) is born in Tiverton, Devon.

1813: William Jordan (II) is born on August 15th.

1853: William E Jordan (III) is born on December 17th.

1856: Alfred Jordan (brother of William E Jordan (III)) is born.

1890: A paraffin engine is installed in the mill.

1892: Holmes Mill falls out of repair and William E Jordan (III) writes to give up the lease.

1893: William E Jordan (III) buys the mill with Alfred Jordan.

1894: Fire at the mill caused by the paraffin engine – the building is gutted.

1899: Alfred Jordan starts Jordan & Addington.

1899: The Carter Roller Mill System is installed, making Jordans Mill one of the most advanced flour mills in the country.

1899: Another fire at the mill destroy the interior on April 14th.

1914 – 1918: Women run Jordans Mill during WWI.

1919: W Jordan & Son owns four businesses: Veaseys, Roberts, Dixons and H. E. Green.

1920: William Alan ‘John’ Jordan (V) is born, November 29th in Sandy.

1938: Allen Diesel Engine is installed to replace the Tangye Gas Engine.

1948: William ‘Bill’ Jordan (VI) is born in Bedford.

1953: The mill begins milling feed seed corn.

1969: William ‘Bill’ Jordan (VI) visits America and becomes caught up in the granola movement.

1972: William ‘Bill’ Jordan (VI) and his brother David improve the mill and start producing puffed wheat – Jordans Crunchy Granola is born.

1980: Jordans Original Crunchy breakfast cereal is selling at 80 tons a week. 100 tons of flour a week are delivered to local bakers for wholemeal bread.

1986: A fire at the mill destroy animal feeds.

1988: The mill produces 160 tons of wheat a week, with profits approaching £50,000 a year.

1992: William ‘Jed’ Jordan (VII) is born.

1992: The mill is producing 50 tons of flour a week. William ‘Bill’ Jordan (VI) and his brother David take over the mill.

2013: Jordans Mill opens to visitors in April. In October the Mill Gardens open, designed by Chelsea Flower Show winners Ian Kitson and Julie Toll.

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